Kids Aikido

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Aikido is ideal for kids as a noncompetitive and non-violent martial art. Kids learn to be safe  and effective in a caring & disciplined atmosphere. Our instructors are well-trained and give each child personal attention: we get to know each child’s strengths, weaknesses and motivation. Children gain experience in protecting themselves while learning discipline and conflict resolution. They gain in confidence, flexibility and fitness, in an environment that supports social interaction, sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun. 

At Redlands Aikikai our view of the martial arts is that they include but are not limited to self-defence. Rather, a martial art is an education, meant to enhance the emotional, physical and mental health of the person and, through that person’s growth, of society. It has become clear that many of our schools are not helping develop character, consideration for others, even basic politeness. Martial arts training is meant to do just that: we feel that only those people with the strongest minds, hearts and bodies have the true self-confidence to be caring, responsible members of society.

Aikido helps children improve their physical, mental and interpersonal skills, in a safe and non-competitive environment. Basic movement, posture, stretching and nonviolent self-defence are taught in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Safety and etiquette are primary concerns, so students learn how to interact respectfully with each other and to stay attentive and considerate. Students progress through belt ranks at a pace determined by the teachers’ evaluation of their growth and skill.

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