Beginning Aikido - How to Start

Please check the current schedule for a class that’s convenient for you to attend. You may also contact us at any time. You may either

  • schedule an Intro to Aikido Session, or
  • try a class without a special introduction.

You will also need to fill in and sign a waiver form, which can be done beforehand on the web, or you can download a form, fill it in and bring it with you.

Your first class is free!

 A third option is that you are always welcome to watch a class.

Intro to Aikido Sessions

For prospective beginning students, we recommend our three-class orientation sessions:

You will be greeted by one of our senior members, who will introduce you to the Dojo, changing rooms etc. and go over some basic martial arts etiquette. After a discussion of the goals of the introductory period of three Fundamentals classes and any concerns you may have, your guide will introduce you to some simple warmups and stretches. You will then be helped to safely roll on your back from a sitting or kneeling position (a basic training in safety which has the added benefit of being a self-massage!).

Your host will explain how, for this and the next couple of sessions you will mostly have a private class, practicing one-on-one with dedicated senior students on forward and back rolls and on one technique on each of the three days. You will be with the whole class for initial warmups and for the final cool-down technique, called “kokyu tandem ho.” On your fourth day you will be well-prepared to join the whole class as a regular student, growing in skill while pacing yourself as is comfortable for you.

The first Intro Session will take place by appointment and is free. We suggest you arrive 15 minutes before the class time, so as to get to know the physical space, meet the instructor and some of your fellow students and learn basic etiquette used in our school.

Then you will be welcomed to join the Fundamentals class that day. You will be leant a white belt with a blue stripe for the next three sessions, to identify you for personal instruction as described above.

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Joining without the Intro Session

Please note that the Intro Session is not required: it is there to give you a gentle introduction to our practice. If you would rather just jump in from day 1, you are welcome to try a Fundamentals class (there is no fee for your first session; after that there’s a $15 mat fee). Please show up a little before class begins. 

You will be given private instruction on safe rolling and otherwise join the whole class for regular practice with caring and responsible partners. 

Watching a Class

You are also always welcome to watch a class for free. We recommend, though, that the best way to judge for yourself if this practice is what you are looking for is to actually try it out by training in a class.