Full Weekend Seminars

ASU Western Fall Intensive

November 9-13, 2017

Featured Instructors: Tres Hofmeister, Raso Hultgren, George Ledyard and Wendy Whited. Host Instructor: Chetan Prakash.

Intensive training from Thursday night through Monday, with over 30 hours of training available, all taught by senior ASU instructors at the 7th and 6th dan levels. In addition to regular keiko emphasizing the principles of Aikido, there will be special classes devoted to preparation for all levels of kyu and dan test requirements, including both empty-hand (kihon waza, jiu waza and randori) and weapons practice (suburi, weapons takeaways and throws, the basic kumitachi and kumijo). There will also be sessions on more advanced topics such as henka and kaeshi waza, multiple person attacks, the jo/bo patrol kata, advanced sword work, as well as on the teaching of Aikido for instructors.

Attendance at this camp for three or more full days will qualify students for their camp-attendance requirement for dan ranking.

Testing will take place on the last day.

More information can be found at: www.aikidointensive.com

Saotome Shihan Seminar

February 9-11, 2018

Early Online Registration Coming Soon

At 80 years of age, Saotome Shihan is the living epitome of effortless power and grace in Aikido. One of the last remaining live-in disciples of Ueshiba O Sensei, Founder of Aikido, he was originally a senior instructor at Hombu Dojo and has taught in the United States and elsewhere for nearly 60 years. His mastery of Aikido and his ability to communicate both its technique and its spirit make it a rare privilege for any student of Aikido to experience his teaching.

More Info Coming Soon

Please Bring Your Training Weapons
(Limited Quantities of White Oak Weapons will be Available for Sale)

We are accepting both mail in registration and PayPal registration for this seminar.

Online Registration via PayPal: Coming Soon

Mail In Registration:

Fill out downloadable form: Click HERE

Make check payable to “Redlands Aikikai”

Send to:

Redlands Aikikai

590 Nevada St, Suite A

Redlands, CA 92373

Participants are welcome to stay at the dojo for $15/night (Lodging is included for full weekend participants). Shower available.

                                                                                           590 Nevada St., Suites A, B & C; Redlands, CA 92373