Aikido Instructors

Head Instructor: Chetan Prakash Sensei, Aikikai Rokudan (sixth degree black belt)

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Chetan Prakash has been practicing Aikido since 1983. His teacher is Mitsugi Saotome Shihanlong-term direct disciple of O Sensei and founder and head instructor of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU).

In 2012 Saotome Shihan awarded Prakash Sensei the Ueshiba Juku designation, identifying the recipient as belonging to the lineage of O Sensei.  The designation is a testament to ability, character and loyalty, and is based upon the recipient's firm commitment to the vision of O Sensei. Calligraphy of this designation, written by Saotome Sensei, is shown at the right.

Prakash Sensei also feels a deep sense of gratitude to his other main Aikido influences, including Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan and Frank Doran Shihan of Aikido, and Michael Ryabko and  Vladimir Vasiliev of Systema. He was a certified instructor in the Russian martial art “Ryabko Systema,” from 2010 through 2013 and incorporates this knowledge into his teaching of Aikido and Self-Protection.

Prakash Sensei is a founding member of the Executive Board of ASU and currently servers as its vice-president, as well as fulfilling other functions, including that of foreign Dojo liaison.

Prakash Sensei holds a Ph.D from Cornell University in Mathematical Physics and is an independent researcher on mathematical theories of Consciousness, on which he delivers invited talks at international conferences. He is Emeritus Professor of Mathematicsaffiliated faculty with the CSU Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence and director of the Center for the Study of Consciousness at the California State University, San Bernardino. He founded the Aikido Club there in 1989 and was the Aikido Instructor for seven years.

 Deputy Head Instructor: Luis Escamilla, Aikikai Godan (fifth degree black belt)                                     

Escamilla Sensei, Fifth Dan, Aikikai, was promoted to his rank at the January Kagami Baraki, 2018. He is a highly skilled construction supervisor, scout master and wilderness expert; he is one of those most responsible for the construction of our beautiful Dojo.

Assistant Instructors     

Mary jay

     Mary Taylor-Bogens, 2nd Dan                                  Jay Walters, 2nd Dan     

Venu Wayne

             Venu Kanaparthy, 2nd Dan                           Wayne Cawelty,  1st Dan                                                

Kids Aikido Class Instructors


               John Ynami                                                   Devin Gamundoy                                                        Agustin Equiha

     1st degree black belt                                         1st degree black belt                                                  Ikyu brown belt


                                                                                           590 Nevada St., Suites A, B & C; Redlands, CA 92373