Aikido: A martial art in the tradition of Japanese Budo that uses natural movement and non-contention to resolve conflict by working with an attacker’s energy. Includes training in sword & staff.  More Info

Kids Aikido: Aikido is ideal for kids as a noncompetitve and non-violent martial art. Kids learn to be safe and effective in a caring & disciplined atmosphere. More Info

Kendo: A Japanese martial art and sport of sword-fencing, practiced with body armor and bamboo swords. Includes kata and sparring. More Info

Tai Chi: An ancient system of gentle movement for health, balance and longevity. An excellent practice for all ages. Our instructor has over forty years in the art. More Info

Iyengar Yoga: Through physical practice of asana (pose), we begin to inderstand the more philosphical and contemplative side to yoga. More Info

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