Aikido Weapons

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Aikido has its technical roots in the subtle grappling arts of Aiki-Jujitsu together with the elegant forms of combat sword, Kenjitsu and combat Staff, Jodo. We study traditional Japanese solo sword and staff forms, Aikido weapons disarming techniques and interactive weapons work such as those practiced by the samurai warriors of the past. Our test requirements include extensive work with Kumitachi (sword-on-sword), Kumijo (staff-on-staff) and weapons-disarming. We also practice other combinations of weapons, such as staff or knife with sword, as well as two-sword techniques and multiple attacks with weapons. Throughout our goal is to embody basic principles of Aiki, or unity.

At Redlands Aikikai we practice weapons fairly frequently and many classes include weapons work. We also do one-day weapons seminars, and weapons practice is usually featured as an aspect of all our seminars.