Class Description


12:30-1:00 pm Beginners

1:00-3:00 pm Kendo All Levels

*This class will concentrate on the foundational concepts of Kendo.  Focusing on reiho (etiquette), ashisabaki (footwork), chakuso (shinai grip), and datotsu (basic strikes and thrusts). In addition, there will be instruction on the use of bokken by way ofBokuto-ni-yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho and Nihon Kendo Kata.  This class is mainly for beginners and does not require a bogu (armor).


7:30-9:00 pm Advanced Geiko

*This class will concentrate on kenshi  who are in bogu. Focusing on not only kihon waza (basic techniques) but progressing to shikake-waza , oji-waza, and finally keiko-ho.  Also, there will instruction in advanced concepts such as maai, hasuji, seme, zanshin,yuko-datotsu, and ki-ken-tai-ichi.  Only students in bogu are allowed to participate, unless given permission by the sensei.

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