Traditional Sword: Katori Shinto Ryu

Considered an Intangible Cultural Asset of Japan, Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjitsu (Sword Practice) is a traditional school of Bujutsu (martial art) that provides its students with a comprehensive system of martial arts training. Our training emphasizes the importance of developing a strong martial spirit and a healthy body. While sword practice is central to our system of training, our training also covers all aspects of the original warrior’s fighting methods through kata (practice forms), including:

         •        Iai (sword-drawing, sitting and standing, with live blades) 

         •        wooden weapons practice with sword-on-sword

         •        sword-on-bo (staff) 

         •        sword-on-naginata (the halberd) 

         •        two-sword. 

 The teaching and practices of the Katori Shinto Ryu school are under the aegis of our head Dojo, the main branch of Katori Shinto Ryu in Narita, Japan. This head Dojo is led by Iizasa Yasusada who teaches a martial arts practice as taught by the Ōtake family at Shinbukan Dojo. Our school's Senior Shihan Ōtake Nobutoshi is pictured below, when teaching a seminar at Redlands Aikikai in 2018.


 Practice is held from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on two Saturdays of each month. Please see the sidebar on the left for dates for the coming month.